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The ELK stack is an offering from Elastic which includes the database Elasticsearch (ES), the Extract­Transform­Load tool Logstash (LS) and the dashboard application Kibana (K).

The Mesos ELK stack is a combination of these tools running as Mesos frameworks. The result is an ELK stack that is distributed, scalable and fault tolerant out of the box.



Use a REST API or a point-and-click UI to scale the ELK stack to any number of nodes.


Your data is safe. Data copies exist.

Fault tolerant

Failing instances are instantly restarted. Re-clustering and synchronisation is handled under the hood.

Resource optimisation

Add and remove nodes at any time. Optimise your cluster to ensure performance or save costs.

Works as expected

The ELK stack operates as you'd expect. Endpoints appear exactly the same as a local installation.

The choice is yours

Stacks are highly configurable, but have sensible defaults.